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A house with a unique personality

Amid the subdued maze of streets in La Rochelle, close to
the covered market and old harbour, stands a mansion built
in a style typical of Charente.

The four suites and one guest bedroom in the house
which has a living area of almost 400 sq. metres, welcome visitors throughout the year.
The luxury and authenticity of the materials and colour palettes
used in the bedrooms and lounges create a unique world
in which pleasure and lifestyle go hand-in-hand.

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Tradition and modernity combined

The restoration project was designed to maintain the 19th-century features,
preserving the authenticity of the house while adding a touch of the
contemporary through the combination of colours and natural materials.

An artistic profusion

Named Eden Ouest, this B&B highlights the notion of travel
through the artistically placed sculptures, paintings,
stained glass and other art all over the house.

Well-being and relaxation

The fittings and layout of the guest rooms with their private steam rooms,
the cosy lounges and the landscaped garden all encourage guests
to adopt a leisurely lifestyle

the lounges
the landscaped garden